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This is a place of BLENDing - we BLEND music genres, ideas, needs, solutions, and folks. We BLEND the word of Christ with the needs of today!

We offer Free Coffee and Donuts every Sunday!

We have Sunday school with loving and compassionate lessons that aid children in embodying their faith. 


There are no better words to live by than the words of Jesus himself, “Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.” Here at theBLEND we take those words seriously and emphasize that we see our neighbors as everyone. We are a church family with an urgent desire to continually press on using love and compassion as the fuel to grow and stretch beyond our walls and property lines. theBLEND demonstrates loving your neighbor through radical hospitality and absolute inclusiveness, with an utmost concern for social justice and diversity. We can grow beautifully together in fellowship while we stay grounded in our “follow-ship” with the One who created us and always sees the best of us. 


We at theBLEND have set our hearts on building a vibrant caring community with resources which enable us to recognize the needs of our neighbors and allow us to spring into action to serve, share, love, and heal.

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What is Open and Affirming?

We are a church that welcomes persons of all gender expressions and sexual orientations to the table of Christ’s communion and to the full life and leadership of the Christian Church.

If you are wondering about a biblical conflict with inclusion and welcome of lgbtq+ people Check out these books for clarity on the meaning of the text in reference to the harmful interpretations we have heard all of our lives that exclude and harm. 

Click on the book image below to learn more about the book and to order.


What does 'love your neighbor as yourself' mean if it doesn't apply to everyone? Here at theBLEND we offer an invitation and a heartfelt welcome to all. We are an open and affirming church family and if you identify with the LGBTQIA+ community you are as important and recognized to us as you are to God. Our welcome reaches out to all races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities/ expressions, non-binary folks, sexual orientations, socio-economic status, martial status, physical or mental ability, or any other designation. Come and freely worship and hopefully fall in love with our church family. We are theBLEND! 

We are working to become a Trauma Informed Church

Please click here for a letter that describes more about our approach and ethos.
If you have experienced any 
harm in life or other churches,
we seek to meet you 
where you are and let you know; 
we are mindful and aware of how to offer compassion and safer sacred space. 

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Welcome to our Family

A Vibrant * Passionately Inclusive* Christian Community

Wherever you are on your faith journey, YOU are welcome here! 

We are creating an ethos of safety and a sacred space of healing support for ALL!

Previous Black History Month Sermon Topics

To learn more about us, here are some images from past Black History Month Sermons as we focus on lifting up all voices!

Lifting up Black Artists, Activists, Authors & Actors-
Pastor Courtney wove 2Pac's voice in her sermon. 

A Tribute to Oscar Micheaux- the first major Black film maker. 

Can you see God in the Art, the Story the Movement Series- 
Pastor Courtney lifted up
Lorraine Hansberry,  Lesbian play write and civil rights activist. 

Can you see God in the Art, the Story, the Movement series-
Pastor Courtney lifted up Jean Michel Basquiat- and used video to hear from him directly. 

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