Rev. Courtney Armento

Rev. Courtney graduated from the Claremont School of Theology with her Master of Divinity in May 2019, and earned a 40-hour certificate in Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention, in Illinois in 2018.

While in her role as Pastor, she has developed a partnership with the Department of Children and Family Services and creates programs to benefit children/young adults in Foster Care. 

Pastor Courtney is originally from Chicago, loves music, especially house music (if you don't know what that is, you must check out Sunday morning church and ask her!). She lives a pesca-vegan life, loves comedy, cars and the beach!

She knows what it feels like to be in unsafe spaces in life, which is why it's so important for her to create the safer sacred space for folx who need it. She liberates God from the boxes people put God in. She believes in the liberation that spills over onto the people of God.

Pastor Courtney believes in the spirit of community and the power to create dynamic change in the world!
To learn more about why our pastor passionately supports education and the eradication of abuse in intimate spaces. Here is an interview with the Illinois Wisconsin Region of the Christian Church.

You can also check out her website Here

Rev. Courtney's Mission 

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Un*Silencing Domestic Violence

Rev. Courtney is driven to inspire the power of community to create systemic change. In that vein, she co-authored resolution GA-1928, A Call to See and Respond to the Crisis of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence. This resolution is a call to action for the whole church around education, support and reduction of violence at every level of the church and community. Currently, due to the subversive nature of abuse, leaders do not believe that abuse is happening in their communities. Courtney is intentionally Un-Silencing Domestic Violence with her clergy training curriculum.

Domestic Violence and Covid informational Blog, featured on the NBA website 

We have been living through a difficult social landscape, known as a pandemic. The novel coronavirus, has claimed more than 138,000 lives in the United States alone. Worldwide the virus has claimed more than half a million lives. These numbers are staggering and heart wrenching. One of the methods to curtail the spread of the virus was the mandate to shelter in place. The world, in different phases, did just that—sheltered in place—to flatten the curve of the virus.




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