Welcome to the
Sanc TEA Ary

sliced of bread beside goblet

An intentional space to feel, process and heal

Safer Sacred Space

There is space to lament and process hurt, loss, confusion and sadness. Pastor Courtney has noticed the commonality of social hour and room to socialize, however, also noticed, there is a lack of space to lament. Society tries to hurry the grieving process along so much so that there is no public space for it. Lament is biblical and central to the individual and communal ability to process pain, which avails a way forward. For that reason, she has created a Sanc*Tea*ary. (in the office next to the pastor’s office) On Wednesdays, at 1:00PM PST pm, come. There is space to let go, to be a mess, to cry, to pray, to journal, to color, contemplate, breathe, to talk or stay silent, to feel, to find options and resources, to be in safer space, and find one’s self. There is tea, Kleenex and comfortable space. We are meeting on Zoom right now ID 347 312 3543