Wednesday Night Session

We are shifting gears from a book study to a MUSIC study! Join us as we look at secular music and it's theological implications for our lives. Expect music from Peter Gabriel to Kendrick Lamar and everything in between!

"I want to be your sledgehammer Why don't you call my name You'd better call the sledgehammer Put your mind at rest" - Peter Gabriel, "Sledgehammer"

"When you move I'm put to mind of all that I wanna be When you move I could never define all that you are to me" -Hozier, "Movement"

This is an intentional space where you can check in, be held, and process feelings.

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About us

We know that “church” can often times come with a lot of baggage. Many of us have been directly or indirectly hurt by a church or “church people” and that’s exactly who we’re not.

This is not your grandmas church. We’re not “church people”. We’re Jesus people. Jesus, the brown skinned, middle eastern immigrant man, carpenter by trade, who LOVED people and fought for them.

We’re not perfect, but we do our best to follow THAT example by loving people and loving God.

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