Wednesday Night Session

We are looking inwards and towards our community with our next section of Wednesday Night Sessions.  We are offering a new learning opportunity called

"Outlandish"- by Derek Penwell: An Unlikely Messiah, a Messy Ministry, and the Call to Mobilize shows how Jesus's ministry flew in the face of conventional wisdom, a ministry that would be described as misguided, mistaken, and miserable - and succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Then, fast-forwarding two thousand years, learn how that kind of ministry is sorely needed today and the political, social, and organizational lessons to be learned from Jesus's radically different ministry.  

Buy a book and join us.  If you need a book scholarship, let us know. Jump in anywhere.

This is a place for learning and healing.  You can join us online via Zoom:
Zoom ID 347-312-3543
We meet Wednesday Nights at 6pm