Local Support Contacts

We know how challenging it might be to find support in the midst of a challenge. That is why we curated a list of resources in our area that are available for a journey to empowered living.  


National Support Contacts

It is common for someone’s mental and emotional well-being to be impacted after experiencing a traumatic event. Reaching out to people who can support you is an essential part of your healing and recovery. It is never too early or too late to seek support.


Teen Support

Normalizing healing, shattering the stigmas, silence and shame.


Child & Elder Abuse

Helping care for our most vulnerable populations.


LGBTQIA+ Resources

Resources for our LGBTQIA+ siblings.


Why seek out a shelter?

We know that taking this first step is difficult. Here are some reasons as to why finding your local resource can be helpful.


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Si usted sospecha que un individuo discapacitado ha sido abusado, descuidado o estafado económicamente, repórtelo a la Oficina del Inspector General del DHS al: 1-800-368-1463 voz/TTY. Todas las otras llamadas serán transferidas a la Línea de Ayuda para Clientes del DHS: 800-843-6154 inglés o español 800-447-6404 TTY



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We know that “church” can often times come with a lot of baggage. Many of us have been directly or indirectly hurt by a church or “church people” and that’s exactly who we’re not.

This is not your grandmas church. We’re not “church people”. We’re Jesus people. Jesus, the brown skinned, middle eastern immigrant man, carpenter by trade, who LOVED people and fought for them.

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